Thursday, August 10, 2006

T-11: Stop cheating, Desmond.

I noticed that the way I was dragging tabs was totally cheating and so I've had to go back to the drawing board to try and do it correctly. I had a massive panic about having to store entire tab view items because that would be a nightmare that I'd rather avoid. I think I can do it using the index of that tab that a user starts their drag from. I'll find out about that tomorrow.

I went out for coffee with some friends this afternoon. One of them asked me if it was weird to be outside with real people. I've not done much of that since I decided that I wanted to make some extra work for myself and poured juice all over my laptop.

A little snippet from IRC that made me laugh:

23:36 < froodian> !seen ardissone|away
23:36 < thebot> ardissone|away was last seen 17 hours, 58 minutes and 43 seconds ago, saying '!seen froodian' in #camino.


Anonymous said...

Hey Desmond,

De-lurking for just a minute to offer encouragement. I'm sure I'm not the only one out here who wishes you the best in this project. Plus, the features you're building sound great.

Oh, and I'd be curious to hear your thoughts about PSMTabBarControl. It claims to take care of a lot of the stuff you're working on, but I know things are rarely as simple as that. What to you think?

Best of luck,

Smokey Ardisson said...

It's not nearly as funny without froodian ;)

Desmond Elliott said...


PSMTabBarControl would have probably made my life substantially easier but there were licensing concerns and Kent Sutherland is working on integrating it into Adium.

I seem to remember somebody saying at the time that it wouldn't be right to have 2 students working on integrating the same tool in different projects.

I'm sure that at the end of SoC when (hopefully) the people involved have a chance to meet, this will be a talking point.