Wednesday, August 09, 2006

T-12: Mostly rambling today

There was no T-13 because I had a super mega headache and only worked in the afternoon.

As everybody knows it takes at least an hour in the morning to read your e-mails, everything that you check everyday in your favourite RSS reader, and your favourite Web 2.0 site (this one takes too much time). Then all of a sudden it is 10.30am and it is time for coffee. Since you make your coffee from a coffee machine, you like to take some time to really enjoy the experience. After you come down from the shakes of your stronger-than-something-strong-coffee.

Then you start to watch Ze Frank and then it is 11.30 and you've not even opened XCode yet. But it is alright because you've been thinking about the mountain of code that you need to write. You've got loads of ideas about stuff but unfortunately the code base you are working with is soo complicated sometimes you struggle to find where you need to start.

I've been having fun with the NSPasteboard seemingly losing the tabs that I place in it while I am dragging them. This didn't happen 2 days ago so I must have done something stupid between then and now. I've also had some fun playing with NSAnimation and NSTimer classes, but these ventures have not been very successful. It's hard to learn how things work without toying with them to understand them, but I've not really got much time left for understanding.

And so the daily grind continues.

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