Sunday, August 20, 2006

T-1: An overview as requested

Mike requested that I detail my achievements this summer.

  • I can (arguably) write Objective-C code.

  • I am becoming increasingly familiar with the Mozilla code review system.

  • I have designed and nearly implemented a new method for allowing people who use Camino to use a scrolling tab bar.

  • I have made headway into solving the dragging tabs issue.

  • I am now being included on newly filed tab related bugs, I think this means that the triagers think I might know some things about how tabs work in Camino.

  • I have become involved in the Mozilla community through the mailing list, IRC channels and MozillaZine forums.

  • I engaged in conversation with developers on different projects (Adium and PSMTabBarControl) to see how or if we could work together.

  • I produced a set of implemenation sketches based on feedback from the community and things that I'd been thinking about.

  • I submitted 13 work in progress patches on Bug 319777

  • I destroyed my laptop and lost a week's worth of work as a result.

  • I submitted 2 work in progress patches on Bug 160720

  • I started gathering some feedback from people as to how the second iteration of the new tab overflow management interface should look. This is part of my determination to continue my work after the deadline in order to see some of my code make it into Camino.
Things that I've achieved that are important to me, personally:
  • I am now more able to deal with project related stress. This will be very useful when it comes to writing my dissertation.

  • I now understand the value of backing up your home directory. This will also be very useful when it comes to writing my dissertation, and also as a good lesson to learn in general.

  • I am able to take criticism of my work and look at it as constructively as I possibly can. Stuart has spent most of the last 2 months reviewing my code submissions and even though he is strict and insists on doing things his way, he seems to be right and is always willing to discuss why and most importantly, he isn't rude about it.

  • I am able to work with a group of people who are in a different time zone, have different interests in the Camino project, have different opinions about which direction things should be moving in.

  • I now know that the first time you try something it's probably not going to be right and that things will probably never be right the first time round but that is no reason to be disheartened.
Things that I wish I had achieved:
  • I had managed to get a single positive review of my code, and in return, a super-review from Mike.

  • I had managed to make more progress on the tab dragging aspect of my project

  • I had managed to get some real usability feedback of my work from a larger group of people than Smokey and Stuart


Stuart said...

I like to think I insist on doing things cleanly more than I insist on doing them my way, but point taken.

Smokey Ardisson said...

You've left out your invaluable contributions to our build instructions; even now (though hopefully for not much longer) your instructions are the only complete set of instructions for building Camino on Intel, and collecting the common build errors has been most helpful.

Desmond Elliott said...

Stuart: Sorry that it came out like that, it was late and I was warbling at the computer. I didn't mean it to sound like I resented you for it, you're reviews and comments always make for interesting reading. The approach that you take will stand me strong for my dissertation and I really appreciate that :)

Smokey: Oh yeah, that quickly thrown together page on the wiki? I really should tidy it up and I'll do that today during the meeting.