Friday, August 18, 2006

Penultimate Meeting

After 3 weeks without having a formal meeting Mike and I met today to discuss what the end-game was for the project.

I showed Mike the image the I sneaked out yesterday showing the overflow menu coming back. He said that he thought it looked cluttered and that right-click on either of the scroll buttons would work. He liked the idea of using dividers to split up the menu list showing which tabs are overflowing on either side.

Mike was pleased to see that I've made some progress on dragging tabs and he is keen to see the work that I have been doing between submitting WIP1 and WIP2 of 160720. There are some cute problems associated with |shouldDragFrom| so I'll need to get some pencil and paper out to sort it.

I've got to plough through lots of work this weekend but Mike believes that there should be a middle-ground compromise of reaching the immediate deadline and thinking about my work over the longer term of getting the code into Camino.

We have set a meeting for Monday at 9AM EDT to have a final mull over the project. I've got to write a summary on my blog this weekend of what I have achieved and learnt this summer, where I have made mistakes and what we can take from this whole experience.

I had some concerns about today's meeting because it has been a long time since we had spoken, but it turns out that I really do just worry about nothing most of the time.

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