Thursday, July 13, 2006

WIP4 demonstration

It is over 24 hours late, but I wasn't slacking, honest. While I was recording the Quicktime movie I noticed some bugs, then I noticed some more and some more and I ended up working on the code until 1am. Then after a good sleep I figured out how to make full keyboard access work and all is good.

Allow me to talk you through this new demo [24MB, Qucktime H.264. If you have any problems viewing this in your browser please try downloading it to your desktop and watching it.]

  • I used Boinx Mousepose 2 to put a spotlight around the mouse pointer to make things easier to follow. The action is not always where the spotlight is though! Also, the mouse pointer drags behind the mouse from time to time, I think this is a problem with iShowU.
  • After selecting the Bookmark Manager I open up lots of tabs so that overflow is activated. At this point you should try to notice that the scroll left button is disabled, the scroll right button is enabled.
  • You can scroll to the left and right to show the tabs in the tab bar changing appropriately
  • You can change the currently active tab using the keyboard (command+option+-> or command+option+<-) and the tab bar behaves itself.
  • A hyperlink is selected to open in a new tab and as new tabs are not set to open in the background the tab bar slides to have this new tab as the right-most tab.
  • Resizing the window doesn't break anything anymore.
  • Now I open a 2nd window and cause it to overflow just to show that things work in my than one window - at the end you can see that the status of the 2 seperate tab bars really are different but the status of the icons.
Status of M1: WIP patch 4 is ready to be submitted for the displeasure of the reviewers.

Current Bugs (that I have noticed):
  • Double clicking on a disabled scroll button creates a new tab.
  • There are some hilarious drawing issues, from time to time, that don't make sense.
  • There is probably a lovely memory leak because after I've been playing for a while it takes up to 10 seconds to close Camino.
  • Full keyboard access current allows a user to go from tab 0 to tab n -1 back to tab 0 if they continue in that direction, I need to fix this, it is insane.
Features that need to be added:
  • Users should be able to double-click to jump a tab-bar width number of tabs in either direction.
  • Animated sliding!
Are the lack of these features blocking this patch from being super-reviewed? Only Pink knows. If I can get some feedback on my latest patch and iron out the bugs in it then maybe he might think about a SR+

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The Wizard Of OS said...

Excellent Blog Elliot, I look forward to reading your development updates for the Mozilla Camino Browser for Mac. I've recently converted to Linux from Microsoft's Market and am an avid supporter of Mozilla Firefox.
Good Luck with the development.