Monday, July 17, 2006

Cheque!, hammered by Blogs of Note, Monday

My first cheque arrived today so I am off to the bank to cash this baby. It has been a long time since I had some income so this feels good! I would post a photo of it but somebody would use it to steal my identity or something crazy.

As you can see below, being listed on the Blogs of Note page sharply increased the number of visitors to my blog. I average about 100 - 200 per day except when I haven't posted anything because I am a lazy bugger.

I have spent this morning iterating WIP4 and will spend the rest of the day working on trying to make M1 feature complete alongside discussing my logic, or lack of logic with the reviewers.

Orlando Salcedo has linked to my blog, as has Alex King - thanks guys!

Edit: I forgot to include this earlier so I decided to include it now when I noticed that the title of this post was incorrect. I recently turned on Comment Moderation and I've had to reject about a dozen comments so far. I rejected a comment that was actually a valid comment so here it is in all its glory:

Yeah Oh Unbelievable Really
But Little Open Great
Silly Ugly Cool Kill Sad.

decode the secret message and the truth will be revealed
I based my opinion of the final sentence, but after I actually decoded the message it seems like it was a valid comment. Senor Cheeseburger should have been allowed to express his thoughts, it is a shame he made it look like spam!


Anonymous said...

*snicker snicker*

Smokey Ardisson said...

So glad to hear you finally got paid! :D

Any chance of getting a patch that actually applies to the current trunk (my tree is clean, but hunks 1-3 and 6 of still fail)? I'd like to take it for a spin....

Desmond Elliott said...

I will update from CVS so that my version is current when I submit my next patch - which should be later on today.

Glad to hear from you again too :D