Tuesday, July 18, 2006

An unproductive day, 8 weeks GSoC tomorrow, 10,000 readers

Today was really unproductive. I spent the morning flustering over figuring out how to make sure that my NSButton objects on the tab bar actually responded to mouseDown and mouseUp events so that I can enable 2 much needed features. Double-click will allow users to scroll a full tab bar width of tabs at a time, and click-and-hold-down-on-button will continue to scroll through the tabs until the user lets go of the mouse or the final tab is reached.

I also tried to implement Stuart Morgan's recommendation to refactor |layoutTabs| which is sorely needed as it is over 200 lines long but I struggled get my head around how to get it done. I have decided to sleep on it and hopefully tomorrow things will make sense.

As of tomorrow I will have been a Google Summer of Code Student for 8 weeks. I really need to start getting a move on or I will not finish my project on time. I will write an evaluation of the last month tomorrow so that I can take a look back on my progress.

On a slightly more positive note, more than 10,000 different people (based on a cookie that the counter uses to keep a track of who has visited) have read my blog since I started the counter on Friday 30th June.

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