Monday, July 03, 2006

An assortment of thoughts

I 'installed' a StatCounter on the blog template on Friday to keep track of how many people are reading and where they are coming from. You will pick up a cookie as a result and the nice people at StatCounter assure me that this is used to determine if you are a returning visitor and to determine how long your visit lasts.

I stalked Mike on Wikipedia last night and found out that people call him Pink and that he likes cats.

Before the tab scrolling patch goes into the trunk it needs the following done - click and hold needs to scroll until the end of the tabs in that direction; opening new tabs needs to shift the tabs so that the most recently opened tab is the right-most tab; the buttons at either side need to indicate state. Furthermore, animated movement will be a requirement, but for the first submission to trunk.

This week I will be working in the mornings on the tab-scrolling patch and in the afternoons on the tab-dragging patch.

Finally, Daring Fireball, MacUser, Digg, Giles Turnbull (again, thanks!), and John Hicks linked to my blog so a massive thanks to them for paying attention.

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