Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Mighty Mouse, MooBook, Mentor Survey!

I bought a Mighty Mouse! (I feel the need to exclaim because it sounds ever so grand) because every new desktop Mac seems to ship with one so it made sense to also program in full mouse control of the scrolling tabs at some point. £35 is one heck of an expensive mouse.

My MacBook moos at me.

The progress of my interim evaluation. Google have set the deadline for tomorrow which is a little silly seeing as every Mentor who lives in the USA will have been celebrating Independence Day weekend.

Finally, we are meant to get in touch with Google if we have not received our first paycheck by tomorrow and considering that I have not even received a tracking e-mail for it yet, it is not likely to magically appear. I need to eat!


Padre Cohen said...

So, Mr. Elliott, what do you think of your Mighty Mouse?

I'm always looking for better input devices. (Apple's keyboards have been wanting of late.) Is Mighty Mouse (snicker) better than other mice you've tried?


Desmond Elliott said...

My initial thoughts are that it is quite a nice mouse. It appears to be equally as sensitive to a right click or a left click.

It seems like the Mighty Mouse is touch sensitive so it is pretty useless for any application or game where you need to right click and then left click without letting go of the right mouse button - think first person shooters.

I'm not quite sure how it weighs up against my IntelliMouse... if Apple were to make the buttons actual buttons and not touch sensitive I'd be 100% satisfied.