Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bug fixing is fun (not)

Bugs that still exist in the code:

  1. Newly created tabs that are selected do not cause the tab bar to scroll along to make it the right-most tab.
  2. If a tab is currently selected and is to the immediate right/left of the tab bar then there is no divider.
  3. The current implementation does not obey the Full Keyboard Access rules that are currently in place <- a massive headache!
It took me longer than I expected to fix some of these bugs today. I will need to try and rattle through these tomorrow morning so I can get onto the tab-dragging code before Friday. After I have fixed these final bugs - and it has already been suggested that the first one might require an additional patch to fix, and I've not even thought about the third, but it is related to the first - I will post another video of the behaviour and perhaps a Universal Build that people can play with over the weekend.

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