Sunday, June 11, 2006

Implementation sketches complete

I have completed my implementation sketches for my project. My scanner was an absolute pain in the arse and kept on scanning things in at a skew angle, or at 1200x1200 DPI (for no apparent reason).

Tabs will be able to be re-ordered through drag / drop within the same window.

Tabs can be dragged out of a window to create a new window, or to a different existing window and the second image

Tab overflow will be extended to include 2 clickable arrows (one at either side of the tab bar) when the user has more tabs than the size of the tab bar.

I would really appreciate any feedback to the Comments as soon as possible.


Jasper Hauser said...

Tab dragging should in my opinion have a more fluid feel. Using a ghoast of the source tab sounds and looks very 80's to me. I'd be more for a implementation similar to osx standard command toolbar drags or the way bookmark bar drags in safari work. The source tab would stick to the mouse and would only be allowed to move horizontally on the tab bar. The surrounding tabs would slide to their new position depending on the new location of the source tab.

Zach said...

I think a TabSaver would be really nice. Besides from that these are great ideas.

Jerome said...

You know, I just prefer the way Opera does it. :-)

nougatmachine said...

Just do it the way Adium does it. Done.

Jon Hicks said...

One thing I like about Omniweb tabs is that when dragging, rather than just a indicator of where the tab is going to land, the other tabs 'move out of the way'. This makes the user confident that the tab is landing in the right place, as well as just feeling polite!

I love that fact that you mentioned cmd-clicking to select multiple tabs. Superb!