Saturday, June 10, 2006

What should be the new name for this blog?

I have been informed by several Mozilla related blog aggregators that my blog must only contain Mozilla related content in order to be aggregated. I cannot guarantee that in the future I will not write about personal stuff in this blog, so I think I will change it from to something else.

What should I call it? It needs to have some kind of relation to either me, or to my project, or preferably to both.

Suggestions in the comments please :)


computerdude33 said...

Desmond Does Mozilla
Desmond Does Camino
if (Elliott) then (Mozilla)
Summer of Camino
It's a Camino Summer
Codin' Camino
Hack Slash Camino
Hack Slash Mozilla
Hack Slash Summer
Desmond Over Easy
Desmond: Hack & Slash
Tales of a Camino Coder
Tales of a Maczilla Coder

More later...

Desmond Elliott said...

I quite like Summer of Camino.

Some good recommendations to start things off :)

DiabolicDevilX said...

I'd go for the "Summer of Camino" as well...