Friday, June 16, 2006

Weekly Meeting 16/6

Mike and I met for the second time today. These weekly meetings are great because they make sure that we always speak to each other at least once a week.

I've had a bit of a slow week because I had other things on my mind. Mike reminded me that if things are troubling me, or I think they might be affecting my work that I need to let him know right away so that my milestones can be adjusted appropriately. He let me know that he can't do anything to help me if I don't keep in touch with him.

It was great to hear Mike saying these things because I've heard it all at University but I've never really believed it. But he seems to be genuinely determined to help me achieve my goals this summer. It's good to feel like somebody really is looking out for you. I hope my dissertation supervisor is like this next year.

We spoke about whether or not I should implement the scrolling tab bar overflow in a similar fashion to Dashboard. I'll be looking into this on Sunday.

Mike told me that it'd be in my interest to get a patch submitted by next Friday so I can actually go through the Camino review process. We also spoke about how much help I could get from the community without being a chancer and how I could use the community to my advantage.

Mike is off to California next week so we will be 8 hours apart. He told me that he'd be checking his e-mails all day every day so we can make sure I reach my first milestone.

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