Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Worldwide Developers Conference 2007

Yesterday, Apple announced the dates of the Apple technical and social event of the year - WWDC. June 11 - June 15 looks good on paper because I don't graduate until 26th June so it will not interfere with the big day.

Apple has not posted any information about student scholarships yet. I am worried that as a final year student I may not be eligible for a scholarship even thought I will still be a fully matriculated student until I graduate.

Worst case scenario is that I need to pay for the £699 WWDC ticket alongside a LHR - SFO return ticket - currently £568 - with no cost for accomodation because I have a friend who lives in Newark who is willing to let me sleep on their couch.

If I knew that Apple offered scholarships to graduating students then I guess I'd pay for the flights now but if they don't then I cannot really afford to attend WWDC which is disappointing.

I wonder if there are any open-source donate to a good cause shenanagins that I could pull off here... I doubt that I would because it would tarnish my e-character!

Does anybody know of any respectable avenues that I can explore to help reduce the cost of attending WWDC this year?

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