Monday, August 14, 2006

T-7: Wedding (Off topic), Dragging, Cheque

The wedding was quite the event. The bride looked beautiful, I've never thought that brides looked beautiful in photos, but in real life they are stunning. She was so nervous that she had tears rolling down her face. I had to work hard to keep the stiff upper lip.

We had a buffet which was nice because it meant that you got to eat what you wanted instead of what somebody else thought you might. A waiter spilt a bellini all over me as soon as we sat down at the table so I had to go and change into ... jeans and a t-shirt. How shameful! I washed up my suit jacket as best as I could so I could wear it over and still look a little bit smart. The father of the bride told me that it was alright and I still looked smart so that was good enough for me.

People in England can smoke indoors, this was quite a strange thing because we have had a smoking ban for nearly 6 months now. Also, the English don't have ceilidhs (from what I was told), they have discos. I couldn't really get into the disco but I love nothing better than a ceilidh. We got a bottle of wine from the bar and it tasted like acid. We had to mix it with lemonade to make a punch.

I rewrote the tab dragging patch. What I wrote on Friday was total nonsense and this morning's offering was much better. I am writing a custom image for the user to drag, but suspect that this will be an iterative process because I can't see exactly how to get what I want but can easily create a transparent rectangle with borders. The patch now supports dragging to arbitrary places and should support dragging between Camino windows shortly.

I received my midterm paycheque from Google today and cashed it with my bank. I was pleased with the greater level of communication that LH engaged in with us during the issuing of this cheque and might even send her an e-mail to let her know that it is appreciated.

I've asked for a meeting on 28th August to have some post-project chat with the Camino team. It is important to talk about things when a project is over because there are always lessons to be learned.

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