Friday, June 02, 2006


John Pannell from Positive Spin Media got in touch with me at the beginning of the week to let me know about his Safari-style tabs implementation and wondered if I would be interested in working with him over the summer. It appears that Adium are shifting to use this as their codebase for tabs, so perhaps there might be some future in his implementation.

He has allowed me to paste his e-mail here for all to see, any thoughts about his proposal would be appreciated.
Date: Sun, 28 May 2006 21:32:43 -0600 [29/05/06 04:32:43 AM BST]
From: John Pannell
Subject: Summer of Code: Tabs

Hi Desmond-

I was cruising my referrer logs when I found a number of hits stemming from your Camino forum entry regarding your SoC tabs project. Just wanted to drop you a line and FYI you to a tabs implementation I've been working on...

Many of the features outlined in your proposal are in place, and the control is BSD-licensed, so you can gain some inspiration for your efforts. The control is designed to be hooked up to an NSTabView... not knowing the internals of Camino's implementation, I can't say if this will be of help to you or not

Coincidentally, another SoC'er is working with the Adium project to improve PSMTabBarControl. The Adium people have chosen this as a possible future direction for their tabs, as their existing tab code is apparently a little crufty and confusing. The student's name is Kent Sutherland, more info on his site...

If PSMTabBarControl integrates well into Camino's architecture, perhaps we could join forces to really polish things out. Many of the requests I'm seeing on your forum entry are more Camino architecture than tabs per se.

Anyway... just a heads up. Good luck and congrats on your summer of code!


John Pannell
Positive Spin Media

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