Monday, June 26, 2006

Progress on Milestone 1

Spent today attempting to bug fix, make some good progress and only have 4 'bugs / features' of my code to iron out:

1. Newly created tabs do not cause the tab bar to scroll to make it the right-most tab.
2. The current icons do not indicate whether or not you can scroll any futher in that direction.
3. The left-most visible tab index is not being changed when you resize the window.
4. If a tab is currently selected and it is to the immediate left or right of the tab bar then there is not divider drawn.

My code is currently undergoing it's second review by Bruce Davidson and Nick Kreeger. They are firm but fair and their feedback is really constructive. I need to watch my indentation and the way I set out my if { ... } else { ... } statements, watch how I name variables, and watch my comments.

Since tomorrow is my 20% day - true Google style, without the massive Google paycheck - I plan to have these problems ironed out by the end of Wednesday. I also plan to post the small video that I promised earlier on Wednesday evening.

Ian rightly pointed out that my patch will never make it into the trunk by the weekend - I will make a post when it eventually gets in there.

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