Monday, March 05, 2007

WWDC 2007 Fundraiser

After consulting with several close friends I have decided to announce that I am looking to raise funds through donations to help ease the cost of attending WWDC this year.

I do not want to make any money through these donations, I just want to try to cover the cost of getting to this conference.

Oh, the expense!

The cost of a WWDC ticket is at least £699 although I might be eligible to apply for a scholarship with Apple. I also need to get to California which is a little bit trickier considering that I am from the UK and quite expensive. What about accomodation? Oh my!


I shall be accepting donations of any value through PayPal. I am going to start the ball rolling by adding £122.20 to the target. Every 4 weeks I will add 10% of the remaining amount to the target myself to keep things moving along. I don't expect to get a free ride!

If at any stage the target is reached then any excess shall be donated to The Camino Project and The Adium Project split equally.

What is in it for you?

You might wonder what you'll get in return for your donation? I plan to keep a page listing the patrons who have donated so far and any message that they wish to include - should they want public knowledge of their donation to be announced. Oh, and a feel good factor :-)


I am not really interested in having banner adverts on my blog but if you think that your company could fit in then please get in touch with me.

The WWDC t-shirt

What I am offering companies is the ability to sponsor a t-shirt that I will wear for a day at WWDC. I'll be buying Howies blank t-shirts because I love those guys.

You can get your logo on the front and "[Company name] helped to fund my attendance at WWDC 2007" on the back of the t-shirt. Subtle but effective. You can even dictate the colour or anything in particular that you'd like the t-shirt to say.

There is no suggested donation for companies interested in this opportunity. I suggest that you get in touch with me so we can talk about what we think is reasonable.


Well, they say that you can sell anything on eBay. I know that this is not eBay but if you can sell a million pixels or swap a paper clip for a house then perhaps there might be a few businesses interested in sponsoring a t-shirt to ease the cost of getting to CA; or some generous people who have a few dollars to spare.

I sincerely look forward to meeting anybody who donates to this cause at WWDC or in and around San Francisco in June, or anybody else who cannot donate but will be at WWDC this summer.

You can find the PayPal donate link at the side of the page. This link will be active from Monday 5th March 2007 until Friday 2nd June 2007.

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