Thursday, August 17, 2006

You can make statistics tell you whatever you want! (Camino almost has the same 'market share' as Safari!)

This information is based on the previous 1,000 visits to my blog

Safari: 26.5%
Camino: 26.1%
Firefox: 23%
Mozilla: 10.8%
Internet Explorer: 7.8%
OmniWeb: 2.2%
Opera: 1.4%
Galeon: 0.1%

We all know that statistics can be skewed to mean different things.

You could probably say that these show that most people who are reading my blog are reading it using a Macintosh - Safari + Camino + OmniWeb = 54.8%.

You could also say that Gecko based browsers are the most popular - Camino + Firefox + Mozilla = 59.9%.

All that I am going to read into is that there are nearly as many people using Camino as there are using Safari and that makes me smile.

1 comment:

Smokey Ardisson said...

Unless "Camino 1.0" means "Camino 1.0+" (aka branch nightlies, aka "going-to-be-Camino 1.1"), it indicates that we have a serious problem getting people to install security updates to 1.0 :-( and really need auto-update yesterday....

OTOH, it is interesting that all the Safari users were Safari 1.2, which might indicate that 10.3 users who've never upgraded to 10.3.9 are looking for a replacement browser.

Or something :P

Quite an odd set of statistics at any rate.