Tuesday, May 30, 2006

First communication with my Mentor

I spoke with my Mentor for the first time today. He informed me that he was really really busy last week and was away at the weekend, which helped allay my fears. He has kindly allowed me to transcribe our conversations for purposes of record keeping when it comes to writing evaluations on the condition that I let him see what I am going to blog before I post it.

We spoke about the number of clocked hours Mike expected me to do, or when he needed me to be available to speak with? He told me that he didn't need or expect me to take a 9 - 5 approach to this position. Mike agreed with me that we should arrange a weekly check-in day - he will get back to me as to when is suitable.

We spoke about how Mike would be judging my performance when my interim and final evalutions are due. Mike suggested that we use the Project Schedule in my proposal and adjust it as necessary as the summer progresses.

I have been looking into the possibilty of interning at MoFo CA. Mike has suggested that I get in touch with Josh Aas to see what can be done. He thinks that it'd be a fantastic thing to do if I get the chance.

Mike suggested that when we reach week 4 of my schedule that we set more specific milestones so we can get an accurate picture of my progress. He seems to be pleased that I have taken the initiative and got in touch with the community about what they would like to see happen with tabbed-browsing.

I asked Mike if he was alright with my taking on summer work alongside SoC. He said that as long as I was on-top of my SoC work then he didn't have a problem with it and it wasn't as if he could stop me.

Mike offered me his instant messenger details and his work e-mail address for more direct contact than the one he uses for BugZilla and also told me that I should feel free to get in touch with him at any time. He also pointed out that #camino and #developers would be great resources to use when he is not around.

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