Thursday, May 25, 2006


Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 00:22:25 -0700 [24/05/06 08:22:25 AM BST]
Subject: Congratulations!

Dear Applicant,

Congratulations! This email is being sent to inform you that your
application was accepted to take part in the Summer of Code. Please
check your student home page in the SoC web app at to determine which of
your applications was accepted.

Over the next few days, you will be added to a special members only
Google Group (
that will be Google's main way of interacting with you. On this list,
you will receive important information about the program including
information surrounding payment. The list will also function as a
discussion list amongst the students. Mentors will not be present on
this list, but Google personnel will be to make sure you can get any
questions you have addressed.

You should also get into the habit of visiting your Summer of Code
page on a semi-regular basis, as we will track status, payments,
paperwork and take interim and final surveys from this page.

Your mentoring organization will likely also set up similar lists for
you and your cohorts so that they may interact with you on your
project. You should not wait for them, please feel free to contact
them and let them know you are ready to start developing open source
software with them.

If you have questions surrounding payment, please wait until you see a
message from Leslie Hawthorn on the Summer-Accepted-2006 Google Group
detailing what we will need from you. This will take a few days as we
button up the Summer of Code Web Application and make sure all the
students are properly assigned to the proper groups.

If you cannot for some reason take part, please email us at as soon as possible so that we can allocate
your slot to another student.

Other questions and concerns should be send to

Thanks for taking part; we're very excited to see what the Summer will bring!

Congratulations once again,

The Summer of Code Progam Administration Team

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